What we do

We set the standard for innovative management of public lighting systems.

TELUX was created to manage, under a multi-year concession, public lighting systems in a wide range, to include the supply of electricity, implementing regulatory compliance and energy efficiency interventions.

The company provides routine and on-call maintenance.

A viable solution, PPP ( public, private, partnership), is a resourceful avenue and a guarantee of considerable benefits for municipalities.



  • Significant savings for current budgets that are allocated for public lighting systems
  • Regulatory compliance for systems for electrical safety
  • Regulary compliance for systems for lighting and light pollution;

  • Transfer to the concessionaire of civil and criminal liability relating to plant management.
  • Transfer to the concessionaire of total management of public lighting with recovery of internal resources to be allocated to other projects
  • Emmissions Reduction of 50% or more from reduction of CO2 from public lighting